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  1. Soundbars
    hi, i am a newbie to this forum. I am trying to buy a sound bar for 32" samsung tv. I purchased this TV in 2008 and have no idea which audio systems are compatible. The TV model # is LN32A330J. I am looking to buy a small sound bar or some thing on those lines which doesn't take a lot of space...
  2. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Hey guys, new to the forums here. I've had this television for almost three years now and I just can't adjust to the picture it's producing. It was also my first HDTV, so, at the time I didn't really know much about contrast, black levels, color temp, etc. But now that I've invested some time...
  3. Blu-ray Players
    Long story short I just got my Samsung BD-P1600 in the mail as I prize, it's not yet released but rumor has been pointing to a mid March. It's my first BD player so it's kind of hard to know what to cover. Little things I have noticed: *Decodes both DTS HD and Dolby True HD *The whole...
1-3 of 3 Results