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  1. Plasma Flat Panel Displays
    My PN51D550 is only allowing me to go into simulated 3D mode and is not letting me select the side by side or over under when watching 3d on demand material. It was working before but recently stopped. Does anyone know what I could have changed or could be going wrong? Thanks
  2. 3D Displays
    will my PN51D550 play iso from a Harddrive? like copy my 3D bluray 1 for 1 and put it on the hardrive so i dont have to use my disc as there 50 bucks a disc ahah so i rather rip the whole disc and put it on my harddrive, is it possible?
  3. Plasma Flat Panel Displays
    was wondering if i dl a blu ray dvd full, and its iso how can i play that on my tv from a HDD?
1-3 of 3 Results