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  1. Accessories
    Edit: Price dropped to $5/pair. Someone must be able to use these. I purchased 8 pairs of these glasses, opened them and synced them to the TV only to find out they were incompatible with my TV. My loss is your gain. Each pair was used for less than 15 minutes to sync. Will sell...
  2. 3D Source Components
    Hello All, will the Samsung SSG-3050GB Active glasses that came with my son's Plasma work with the Mitsubishi WD-73738? Is there a particular emitter I should buy over others? Thanks
  3. 3D Displays
    i have the samsung pn58c680 and 3d glasses ssg-3050gb and for some reason i cant get this to pair with the tv!, now i have researched for this glasses if they will work with my tv model, and i cant find any info if they will. any advice? thanks
  4. 3D Source Components
    Just got a D6500 and the Playstation 3D display but the glasses dont work with the sammy cause they are IR. The 2 samsung glasses listed above are available but it seems the latter is replacing the former. The former is being discontinued it seems. It looks better and the number is higher...
  5. 3D Displays
    Does this model 3050GB works on 2010 Samsung 3D TVs? On description says they are Bluetooth and RF!!!; but it does not specifies if it works on 2010 TV Models!..... I have UN55C8000 TV; this is the 2010 TV model that uses RF 3D Glasses, and also I have the PN51D550 TV which is 2011 and use...
1-5 of 5 Results