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  1. Plasma Flat Panel Displays
     Hey everyone!   Newbie to this forum here and looking for other peoples opinions on what to purchase.   Background info is as follows:   Big open bright room with lots of windows. Currently have a Vizio M651D-A2R that is extremely beautiful to me (both the set and the pq...especially the...
  2. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    So how many people here in this forum own the Samsung UN55F9000AFXZA 55" 4K TV? What are your thoughts about it after owning it and how long have you had the tv so far? If you had it calibrated what was used to calibrate it? Was it calibrated with a 1080p source disc or did someone have a...
  3. LCD Flat Panel Displays
     just got a replacement set and both bottom corners have white spots. its the reason i returned for a brand new set. not sure if this is a breaking in thing or a problem with this model.
  4. OLED Technology and Flat Panels General
    Well I won a drawing and the prize is a Samsung 55" UHD F9000. Yes I'm quite blown away. I pick it up tomorrow and can't wait to play with it. I know there's not much in the way of 4K content available. So I'm curious if I should have much in the way of expectations from upscaling. I don't do...
  5. LCD Flat Panel Displays
     Hello all-    I just bought the Samsung UN55F9000 and I am wondering if anyone around here has altered the out of the box settings to get the best picture.  4 years ago I bought the UN46C8000 and Best Buy came a professionally calibrated it, the best buy employee informed me that there arent...
  6. LCD Flat Panel Displays
  7. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I'm in the market for buying a new TV and I'm thinking of getting the Samsung UN55F9000 so I get 4K and sometime in the next year I can buy the updated box that will have HDMI 2.0 in it. The only issue I see is that the panel only supports 4k at 30 Hz (due to the limitation of HDMI 1.4). With...
  8. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    With all the talk about 4K I have some questions: 1. In the past 10 years, I've read over and over again that for TV sizes under 50" and at normal viewing distances, humans are unable to discern a difference between 720p and 1080p. Now that we have 4k, is there a similar argument to be made...
  9. LCD Flat Panel Displays
     I am hoping someone here can help.  I am in the market for a new TV. I was looking at the 60f8000 and the 55f9000.  The 55 in 9000 is about $400 more at my local BB after discounts.  I am having a hard time deciding though.  It may be silly, but I can't decide is the $400 worth the upgrade? ...
  10. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Hello, I am looking to buy the Samsung Model: UN55F9000AFXZA in the next few weeks. If anyone has any experience with this set can you please let me know good or bad. Just trying to do some research before I make my purchase. Thanks, Clayton
  11. LCD Flat Panel Great Found Deals!
    Its now the same price as a UN65F8000. Bought at a steal compared to other 4K sets. Free wall mounting included plus offer for 500gb hdd with 2 4K movies. Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk
  12. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Just though to start this since we did not have one unless someone can change the name of the other Samsung 4K Thread.
  13. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Hi, I am looking to purchase either the Sony or the Samsung 4k tv and I am looking for some help. If anyone on here has had any personal experience with either and would like to share their thoughts that would be very much appreciated. Any other advice regarding the 4k tv would be appreciated...
  14. LCD Flat Panel Displays
     http://www.avsforum.com/t/1479650/samsung-4k-anticipation-thread-un55f9000-un65f9000-and-un85s9-discusion/540#post_23845979 http://www.avsforum.com/t/1479650/samsung-4k-anticipation-thread-un55f9000-un65f9000-and-un85s9-discusion/540#post_23847267 This procedures probably is for all UHD...
  15. OLED Technology and Flat Panels General
     I have seen the Sony and Samsung 55" 4k TVs at Best Buy.  They look great.  I was able to see the Sony with some BluRay 2k content, and it looked good.    However, I read articles on CNET that say that 4k is not a factor at my seating distance.    Here are my parameters:   Most seating...
  16. OLED Technology and Flat Panels General
    Did anyone see the Ultra HD commercial during the EMMYS? That was one stunning display and one stunning way to support it. Makes me almost want to buy one, and I swore I would not even consider UHD for 10 years.
  17. LCD Flat Panel Great Found Deals!
    Just this second I switched tabs on one of Value Electronics's sites and the price dropped by $1,500 on the 65" F9000 and the 55" dropped by $1k. I assume this is the new price, but may be a temporary reduction or a VE sale, not sure, but I am very happy to see these new UHD TVs prices come...
  18. Digital Hi-End Projectors - $3,000+ USD MSRP
    So, the Samsung 55" OLED is finally here. According to every review (cnet, digital trends, HD Guru, etc) the holy grail of picture quality has arrived. The dream of perfect blacks and infinite contrast ratio is here, and can be had for a measly 9000.00:eek: which is still 5000.00 cheaper then...
  19. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Samsung UN55F9000, UN65F9000, and UN85S9 models should be out at the end of July. These units are said to be back lit, full array with local dimming. Of course that will make for a nice price tag. Info on the UN85S9 >>> Click Here Info on the UN55F9000 and UN65F9000 >>> Click Here
1-20 of 20 Results