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  1. Soundbars
     I have been reading a lot of posts that lean towards using ARC... I just want to make sure I get the best sound quality out of all my devices if possible.    Current setup:   TV = Samsung UN60D7050  DVR = Comcast Newest DVR box = currently HDMI 1 XBOX = Used for gaming = HDMI 2 PS3  =...
  2. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Was at costco helping the in-laws pick out a new TV and they saw the 7050 and it liked. What are the differences between the 7050 and the 7100?? Seems a lot of people are happy with the 7100 with the latest firmware update. In looking at samsungs LED TV Comparistion it looks like they are...
  3. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Hi, I'm looking at replacing my Samsung UN60D8000 here soon with something larger, either a 65" or 70" LCD. I've been looking at either the newer Samsung UN65F7050 (costco model) or the 70" Vizio M tv. Only having seen my D8000 can anyone shed some light on whether or not the picture quality of...
  4. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    need DirecTv and Samsung UN60F7050 TV code(s) to input on the RX-V767 remote:)
  5. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    UN60F7050 Running Firmware 1110 When I switch my cable box from HD to SD I get the following: "check the device is connected properly then try turning on the device by selecting the button below" Then there is the cable box and an ok box. If you click ok the dialogue box goes away. If you...
  6. Display Devices
    I have a UN60D7050 that was purchased from Costco earlier this year. Identical to 60" UN60D7000. Reason for selling is I moved up to a 65" Panasonic plasma (65VT50) and the Sammy is too big for any other room in my house. Set is in perfect condition and was calibrated by W. Jeff Meier in...
  7. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I apologize if this information is out there, I did a quick search and could seem to find anything. I'm a *somewhat* rare breed that actually prefers a glossy screen. Can anyone confirm for me whether or not this particular model is glossy or matte?
  8. LCD Flat Panel Great Found Deals!
    Right now, Costco is offering a bundle with the TV (apparently 7050 is the Costco version of the 7000), 2 pairs of 3D glasses, and a Blu-ray 3D player for $2,999. Does anybody remember what the lowest price they have seen for the D7000 series has been, and if this is a decent deal for a B&M...
  9. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Anyone own this set and care to share their thoughts? Does it perform better than D6400 or D6900? Been keeping an eye on this set and like that it doesn't have the duck feet stand.
1-9 of 9 Results