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  1. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I hope I explain this correctly. We just got our Samsung UN65F9000 4K HDTV last week so we are still learning...We have a Marantz receiver with all the surround speakers and only have the HDMI cable hooked into the box that came with the TV. I have all the accounts set up and wireless is...
  2. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I am interested in purchasing a few more pairs of 3D glasses at Amazon. We just purchased the un65F9000. The 3d glasses model say they are ssg-5150gb. At Amazon they have 3100, 4100 & 5100 gb glasses. I am wondering if the glasses need to be 5100 to sinc or pair with the TV? Thanks in advance...
  3. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Hi Guys, We purchased the 65F8000 this weekend and so far, we're extremely pleased! But, for some reason, Netflix looks terrible on this set. Here's our set-up: Comcast STB > HDMI1 Comcast STB Dig Audio Out > Samsung BD/HT Dig Audio In Samsung BD/HT > HDMI 3 Blu-Rays and DVDs look great...
  4. Plasma Flat Panel Displays
     First time post, long time reader...   I have both a TCP65ZT60 and a UN65F9000 and I can't decide which is better for my current setup. Living room TV usually gets used in the day time and than at night for movie watching.  The bedroom ZT60 gets used literally to have something on to fall...
  5. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Anyone with experience with these two displays? Is it worth their asking price or better to wait for prices to come down? 2014 models ? new features compared to 13 models.
  6. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I have a chance to buy a new Samsung UN65F9000 - 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV for about 3900 dollars do you think I should buy it or wait and see if any other brands come out in the future with a cheaper price.
  7. LCD Flat Panel Displays
     Yes, Cinema is 2K, 4:4:4, 12-Bit, Wide Gamut (DCI-P3), No Compression, etc..., but its worth nothing on a typical: 200:1 contrast ratio, out of focus, 15-ftL (50 cd/m2) Digital Projector. Blu-ray (with its limitation) on an properly calibrated Display looks a lot (A LOT) better compared to...
  8. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I had not heard anything about this from the buzz coming out of CES, but another AVS poster mentioned hearing something about JVC and I found this: http://www.cepro.com/article/jvc_continues_ultra_hd_4k_tv_trend_at_ces_with_3_lcds/ $2500 for a 65" 4K direct-lit LED backlighting, 10-bit...
  9. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    The list below has actually been created halfway down the thread but has now been copied to the beginning of the first post and will be maintained and updated here. Current data on 65"-70" 4K and 1080p+/4K- Flagship and sub-Flagship model pricing (new updates since last update in bold): LAST...
  10. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Looks like Vizio will offer full array local dimming across all their 2014 led Tv lines. http://www.soundandvision.com/content/vizio-add-full-array-led-backlighting-2014-tvs-0 This is the best news yet. I guess now I'll wait a few months before buying. A different source stated more...
  11. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    For example --- does 2D 1080p look better on a Sony 55X900A (ultra) or a 55W900A ? or a Samsung 65F9000(ultra) or a 65F8000? Is the PQ difference between the ultra and flagship 2K sets marginal? Thanks in advance?
  12. OLED Technology and Flat Panels General
    As the title says I am buying a new tv and wondering which one is better. The TC-P60ZT60 or UN60F8000 I know plasma vs led
  13. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Just though to start this since we did not have one unless someone can change the name of the other Samsung 4K Thread.
  14. Latest Industry News
     A bit over a month ago I was in New York for a press event, where I ran into David Katzmaier, the Senior Editor/HDTV at CNET. I'm a fan of his writing, and I was curious about how he goes about reviewing televisions. Fortunately, David was very gracious and extended an invitation to visit his...
  15. OLED Technology and Flat Panels General
    I thought it obvious that an UHD TV can display 4K photos taken by camera and put on a USB stick. It turns out this is apparently not the case for Sony high-end set , 4K pics are displayed in 2K mode So there is a lot of talk about lack of 4K content but in the case of self-made conent with...
  16. OLED Technology and Flat Panels General
    Im looking to buy a new tv for pc gaming and watching some movies and a little console gaming. Im thinking the Samsung F9000 uhd 4k tv or the New OLED thats been announced. atleast with 1080p oled I wont need the highend graphics cards. I understand hdmi 1.4 is restricted to 30fps at 4k...
  17. LCD Flat Panel Great Found Deals!
    Just this second I switched tabs on one of Value Electronics's sites and the price dropped by $1,500 on the 65" F9000 and the 55" dropped by $1k. I assume this is the new price, but may be a temporary reduction or a VE sale, not sure, but I am very happy to see these new UHD TVs prices come...
  18. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Samsung UN55F9000, UN65F9000, and UN85S9 models should be out at the end of July. These units are said to be back lit, full array with local dimming. Of course that will make for a nice price tag. Info on the UN85S9 >>> Click Here Info on the UN55F9000 and UN65F9000 >>> Click Here
1-19 of 19 Results