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  1. Screens
    My Main question is about what Fixed Screen + Projector combo would be a best option NOW with upgrade $ in 5+ years. My new (first) theater space is painted dark with light control shades, 9ft seating distance, and i will be going with between 116-120" 2.35:1 fixed (non transparent) screen...
  2. OLED Technology and Flat Panels General
    Link to official LG C1 page, https://www.lg.com/us/tvs/lg-oled65c1pub-oled-4k-tv KEY FEATURES Self-lighting OLED: Perfect Black, Intense Color, Infinite Contrast α9 Gen 4 AI Processor 4K with AI Picture Pro/Sound Pro Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos webOS + ThinQ AI w/ Magic Remote Gaming...
  3. Screens
    I just received my BenQ X3000i for a new home I am moving into and looking to the community for recommendations on a good screen to pair with it. The room I plan to ceiling mount the projector is 17'7" x 16'4" and I plan to get a fixed frame 135" screen to project it on. There is a 3 bay window...
  4. Screens
    Well, I've read questionable reviews about Elunevision but sadly I didn't take heed and bought one anyways. Since day one, the screen had been unreliable and with some minor defects. Both the vendor and product representative had ignored the issues. Finally one day in the middle of the night...
  5. Screens
    My AT screen develops moire pattern easily when paired with my 1080p projector. I can minimize it (not eliminate) with some weird and non-ideal projector placement. If I upgrade to a 4K projector (planning for an Epson EH-TW9400 / 5050UB), will that eliminate the moire pattern?
  6. Front Projector
    In preparation for my incoming Epson LS12000, I am offering up for sale my FANTASTIC condition Epson 5050UB. This was purchased as a factory refurb from Amazon on 10/14/21 for a grand total of $2603.99. I have the receipt for the PJ for the remaining warranty and would, of course, help out in...
    $0 USD
  7. Tweaks and Do-It-Yourself
    Hi, I have used a 12v dc relay to trigger my screen motor, and this set up worked perfectly well with my previous Optoma UHD300X. After a lightning surge, I had to replace it, and went for an Optoma UHD35. I now see the following behaviour: when powering the projector, the screen will start to...
  8. Want to Buy WTB: 9.2 Receiver

    Audio Gear
    Ideally hoping to find a local Chicagoland person with the upgrade bug so I can save on shipping. MUST haves: 4k passthrough 9 channel Atmos Want: XT32 Prefer Denon, Marantz, Yamaha, but will consider others.
    $600 USD
  9. For Sale SOLD

    Front Projector
    $0 USD
  10. DIY Screen Section
    Our nonprofit organization (ArtPeers) has been in a prolonged, deep-dive search for a semi-portable screen solution. AVS Forum members helped in many ways – post threads, group conversations, direct messages. Grateful for this community. A number of members recommended reaching out to Carl's...
  11. Screens
    Hi! Posted this question on the projector side of the forum and got some help, there also realzing this may be the place to ask. I bought the LSP9T for a room dedicated to it and I am in need of a screen. Currently it is projecting onto a white drywall. The projector is placed i a room with...
  12. Screens
    Hello, I've bought a XGIMI Horizon Pro projector for a business and personal use: so I'm looking for a dedicated portable projector screen, between 90" and 110", that I could use for a client presentation or at home (movies, series, gaming, ...) I will essentially use it in my living room...
  13. Display Devices
    Very nice stewart Firehawk G3 for sale. Can ship.
    $499 USD
  14. Plasma Flat Panel Displays
    Hi, I found a Panasonic Plasma for sale that seems to be a good model (2012-ish). However, the sticker on the back was removed. How can I find out what model it is? Is there a way to get from a menu? Maybe a secret menu? Thank you.
  15. Digital Hi-End Projectors - $3,000+ USD MSRP
    Hi! New to the forum with a question, I've ended up here many times before with questions, but this is the first time I can't find a clear answer. I bought the LSP9T for a room dedicated to it and I am in need of a screen. Currently it is projecting onto a white drywall and as I understand...
  16. DIY Screen Section
    I've got a nice Da-Lite pulldown screen that'd be a good rehab project. Not useful as is. Material's worn, stained, 4:3. (Housing's in great shape.) I have two ideas that are either (a) potential solutions or (b) stupid/futile. #1. Replace existing 4:3 material with 16:9 goods from Carl's...
  17. Screens
    I have had 2 of the above-mentioned screen. The motor went out of the first one after the drop started missing its mark every time I put it down. I was in the last month of my warranty and was able to get a replacement. Not long after installing the new screen, it began missing its drop...
  18. Screens
    Our nonprofit org is fumbling its way through the selection process for a cinema-quality screen that can be setup in different spaces (maybe a half-dozen times per year.) We've narrowed our search to screens that use frames, rather than pulldown designs. I'd like to post some conclusions and...
  19. Screens
    Our NPO occasionally does projection in diff. spaces. When I describe this usage to knowledgeable reps, it seems to put us in a box (exhibitors, traveling commercial presenters, etc.) And I understand that. But it's not the case. We present original, high-quality content with an emphasis on...
  20. Dedicated Theater Design & Construction
    I have a dedicated theater I built from an existing huge "great room". Previous owners used it for game lounge (pool table, tv, couches, etc). The wall that has my current screen (motorized drop down 135" 16:9 ALR) has basically 18 feet of nice decorative windows and a huge arch window above...
1-20 of 216 Results