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  1. Home Theater Computers
    This was posted by Jim2100 in another thread and it has generated quite a bit of discussion as well. I thought it worthy of its own thread for those that missed it. This is just one reference but in an area that is devoid of any information (actual hard drive reliability data) this is a...
  2. Home Theater Computers
  3. Home Theater Computers
    I am looking to expand my storage and add 2 4tb HDs to my HTPC. I'm a western digital guy and was wondering if anyone had any preference of using the black hds vs the AV-GP hds? I currently have two 1tb WD black HDs, and have had no issues. I would have just purchased the black 4tbs hds...
  4. Home Theater Computers
    I’ll preface this by saying I am a complete noob at this; I’ve never built a computer, but have always been intrigued by it. I’m looking to build an HTPC that I can store movies on (approximately 250 blu-rays over time) I already purchased two 3TB WD Red drives and I think 14TB - 16TB as a...
  5. Home Theater Computers
    Hello Lately I've been talking to my AVS pals about digitizing my audio to FLAC, and my video's which are mostly Blu Ray to what ever format I can get the best visual out come, not sure what is the equivalence for movies is call “MKV something”? The convince, and storing most of my music...
  6. Home Theater Computers
    Hi, What's people's experience about these? I saw about reds this week and not sure if they are good. I did some research and it seems like there are a lot of negative reviews, i.e. on newegg. I am using 2tb WD greens in my drobo for 2-3 years and they never failed AFAIK. Not sure what reds...
1-8 of 8 Results