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seagate stbv4000100 4tb expansion desktop drive

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    HomeArticlesIT/DatacenterEditorials Dispelling Backblaze's HDD Reliability Myth - The Real Story Covered Read more at http://www.tweaktown.com/articles/6028/dispelling-backblaze-s-hdd-reliability-myth-the-real-story-covered/index.html#UX5OD0IAgPphmv71.99 Thoughts ???
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    I am looking to expand my storage and add 2 4tb HDs to my HTPC. I'm a western digital guy and was wondering if anyone had any preference of using the black hds vs the AV-GP hds? I currently have two 1tb WD black HDs, and have had no issues. I would have just purchased the black 4tbs hds...
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    I’ll preface this by saying I am a complete noob at this; I’ve never built a computer, but have always been intrigued by it. I’m looking to build an HTPC that I can store movies on (approximately 250 blu-rays over time) I already purchased two 3TB WD Red drives and I think 14TB - 16TB as a...
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    Buydig thru eBay has Seagate Expansion 4 TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive STBV4000100 for $125. You can rip the drive out and use in your media server. It's 5900rpm with 4 plates cool and quiet from what I know. For the warranty, just enter the serials into Seagate's site, you're good to...
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     http://www.rakuten.com/prod/seagate-expansion-stbv4000100-4tb-usb-3-0-external-hard-drive/247665800.html $149.99 - $10 AC = $139.99 + FS