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  1. Dedicated Theater Design & Construction
    So, I happily dwelled at our previous home for 14 years. Then, one day (OK many, many, many days) my wife came in and said... "The kids are coming into their teen years and although our house is great, I want to have a place by the lake, so we know who they are around and what trouble they might...
  2. Theater Room Items & Accessories
    I've seen a few older posts requesting similar information. I'm looking for some showrooms in the greater Seattle, Bellingham, Olympia area for theater seating. I'm particularly interested in Palliser seating. I've found higher end seating at Magnolia and Definitive in Bellevue and at Leathers...
  3. Local HDTV Info and Reception
    Thoughts on how well DirecTV performs in Seattle? I had it in Arizona and thought it was stellar. I signed up for Comcast when I moved up here and their HD signal and X1 boxes are so-so. Would love to make the switch back to DTV so long as the gray/rainy weather of Seattle isn't going to...
1-3 of 5 Results