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  1. Audio Theory, Setup, and Chat
    Hello, We are in the process of installing a 20x40 inground pool. For my outdoor audio/video set up around the pool I purchased the following. I thought I would give some background before I ask my questions. (3) Sonance - Mariner54 5-1/4" 2-Way Outdoor Speakers (Pair) - White (I got 3-pairs...
  2. Home Automation
    I'm looking for a new NVR. Current is ICRealTime which I'll stay far away from. Quite poor UI, poor support for IOS, MacOS and TVOS. On the positive side it's worked consistently for 7 years. One key feature I'm looking for in either the NVR or separately is to be able to monitor multiple...
  3. Home Automation
    Hi. Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist. If anyone knows of a good pre-existing thread I should read, please link. I'm looking for the following features: * HD, 720P minimum * Night vision w/IR light source * Will build a dedicated PC for monitoring/storage using a software package...
1-3 of 4 Results