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  1. Screens
    Hello, I've been following this forum for many years and ended up reading many almost endless and very interesting discussions! Many thanks to all of you who have been contributing to making this forum exist! IF YOU WANT BACKGROUND INFORMATION START READING HERE, OTHERWISE YOU CAN JUMP...
  2. Display Devices
    Brand New Screen Innovations Series 5 125" Width (136" diag.), 2.35, Slate 1.2 Screen SOLD. Hey guys, I recently purchased this exact screen for my new theater (its shown in one of the attached pics). There was an issue with the screen material shrinking during delivery (since addressed...
  3. Display Devices
    FS: Seymour Motorized 133" 2.35 Projection Screen w/ masking (Los Angeles) $2750 obo Moving to a fixed screen, so... Selling my Seymour AV 133" diagonal electric 2.35 screen w/ Center Stage XD material and motorized masking to 16:9 ratio. Case width = ~137". Viewable screen dims = ~52" x...
  4. Front Projector
    *SOLD*Seymour 2.35 Ultra-wide Premier fixed frame Acoustically Transparent Screen SOLD 1 Seymour 2.35 Ultra-wide Premier fixed frame Movie Screen using Acoustically Transparent XD Screen Material Model# F100XS with Matching Acoustically Transparent Masking Panels (108.7" Diagonal)
1-8 of 8 Results