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  1. Screens
    So the JBL studio series 5 has kind of a recessed tweeter. Do I still need to leave space between the front of the speaker and the AT screen (silver ticket WAB)? Space is limited so every inch counts. Thanks
  2. Want to Buy WTB: 9.2 Receiver

    Audio Gear
    Ideally hoping to find a local Chicagoland person with the upgrade bug so I can save on shipping. MUST haves: 4k passthrough 9 channel Atmos Want: XT32 Prefer Denon, Marantz, Yamaha, but will consider others.
    $600 USD
  3. Front Projector
    New in box STR-235125-WAB, 127.75" Diagonal, 2.35:1 Cinematic, Anamorphic 4K Ultra HD & HDR Ready (6 Piece Fixed Frame) Projector Screen, Woven Acoustic with Black Backing. It is too wide for my wall. I need to switch to a 16:9 128" to make it fit a little more aesthetically. 1.1 gain. MSRP is...
    $300 USD
  4. For Sale SOLD

    Front Projector
    $0 USD
  5. Screens
    I am ready to Switch out my projector screen for a new one. Until now I've been using Stewart Firehawk but next screen will be a Silver Ticket. From the beginning I wanted to go for a 1.4 gain screen, since my projector has low light output (SONY VPL-VW360ES) and I want to enhance HDR as much...
  6. Screens
    I just finished my basement and am trying to decide on a screen for a JVC NX5 projector. My HT area is 13' wide, 16' long with 9' ceilings and my primary use case is movies / TV. Viewing distance is ~13-14 feet and I have 192" between the front and back walls. If I mount the NX5 right against...
  7. Screens
    Hello everyone, first post here. I am currently building my home theater using a spare room in my house and was wondering if I should be spending the $$ on a pricey screen or getting a budget friendly option. I listed the projector I will be using. I will have a dedicated home theater with light...
  8. DIY Screen Section
    Need help picking out a projection screen for my 1st home theater setup. Everything else is finally done! What would be the best budget option for about a 130 inch screen around $500 for a family room with some sunlight and ambient light during the day, and at night the room can get really...
  9. Screens
    Hello, I've been following this forum for many years and ended up reading many almost endless and very interesting discussions! Many thanks to all of you who have been contributing to making this forum exist! IF YOU WANT BACKGROUND INFORMATION START READING HERE, OTHERWISE YOU CAN JUMP...
  10. AVS Forum® Articles
    While the prospect of projecting onto a bare wall may seem enticing to your wallet, you’re diminishing the purpose of having a projector. Sure, a projector can theoretically do its work on any wall, but your colors will be varying degrees of inaccurate, the picture will be dimmer and less...
  11. Front Projector
    Screen Specs - 110" 16:9 4K Ultra HD Ready - The grey screen surface provides great picture contrast even in rooms that are not completely dark - the material is 1.0 gain with a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees with no resolution loss - 2 3/8" heavy duty beveled aluminum frame wrapped in...
  12. Speakers
    I am looking to install some in-wall/in-ceiling speakers to get a nicer sound and better look over the setup that came with my Onkyo HT-S6500. This is a brand new house that is already completed construction, and the room it's going in is a huge family room with no walls to the one side, a...
  13. Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP
    We have been working on finishing our basement and finally getting to the stage of adding projector etc. Today I ordered an EPSON 3500 and it should be here in 3-5 days. Based on the reviews I read it should be an excellent first projector in our multi use room in our walk out basement. Now I...
1-13 of 13 Results