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  1. Speakers
    Hello everyone. I recently purchased used Snell XA90 for under 300$ locally. Got it connected biamp to my RX V3800 and i have been in sound heaven. Sadly though, i noticed that the on one speaker the very top woofer didn't make any sound. So the other day I took it out and tested it connecting...
  2. Audio Gear
    I have the following speakers that have been in dry storage and not used for about 10 years. I am about to relocate across the country and would like to sell them at a reasonable price. I'll start at about 50% of what I paid for them, not having a clue what they might really be worth to you all...
  3. Audio Theory, Setup, and Chat
    Here's an interesting system from Joe Benedetto—aka @BI0DRAINX on AVS Forum—that combines vintage high-end speakers from the defunct Snell brand, an SVS PB13-Ultra subwoofer, Theta amplification for the L/R mains, Classé Sigma SSP surround-sound processing, and more to achieve 7.1...
  4. Speakers
    I've done a fair amount of reading and researching - I have a 20y old 2.0 system (Snell E-IV towers) that I'm repurposing the speakers for a new basement HT. Was able to pick up a Snell CR5 center channel, and would like suggestions on what surrounds anyone could recommend that would work...
  5. Speakers
    Wondering if anyone has suggestions for the best way to wall mount Snell K7 speakers. These are really heavy and I'd rather not use shelves if I don't absolutely have to.
1-5 of 5 Results