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  1. General Home Theater & Media/Game Rooms
    I am planning to build a basic home theater system at loft space(40' x21') in my home. I don't want too many boxes(AV Receiver) and wires(Speaker wires) running around the loft. So I planned for BD home theater system which brought my list to small numbers. When I was looking for 5.1 home...
  2. Digital Hi-End Projectors - $3,000+ USD MSRP
    Hello group, I just installed my JVC X35, I only use HDMI, I am able to watch direct TV with 3 D without problems, but when I tried my bluray sony, the images is too big, how do you adjust in the settings to fixed, the problem is the bluray, my receiver (sony too 3D) or the setting in my...
  3. 3D Tech Talk
    OK Here is my problem: Two viewers and for now two sources. That is a Big screen TV and an Epson 3020 Projector ceiling mounted as the viewers. Only the Epson is 3D. The sources (for now) are a Cox Cable box and a new Sony BR-Rom 3D player. To get the signal from the Cox box and Sony...
  4. 3D Content
    We just bought a Samsung BD-E6500 because we were told the upgraded model would play the movies our lower model would not. Wrong. Our firmware is updated. We were told by the Live Chat tech guy that the issue would be resolved with the next update. Well, the earlier tech guy who got me to the...
  5. Blu-ray Players
    My PS3 refuses to play MY backups because of the cinevia protection. I've decided to get a new player but it seems most newer players have Cinevia. Can anyone recommend a 3D bluray player that is cinevia free? Thanks.
  6. Blu-ray Players
    my panasonic 55st50 has awful netflix streaming (blanking). I had an xbox connected at one time and it worked great. That,sadly is no longer available. I need a 3d player and was hoping to get something that streams netflix well. I am worried about getting a panasonic player because it may have...
  7. 3D Tech Talk
    New to 3D. Have a error message "your blu ray 3D player has not detected that it is connected to a 3D display" We have went through the set up and have everything set like the manuals say to. Not sure what to try. Can anyone help?????
  8. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    I set up the above described equipment in my small office (10 x 12). If I want to play sacds, turnes out I have to diconnect TV! Anybody else? Any ideas? We are baffled at this point, even the local Denon guys...
  9. 3D Source Components
    Any recommendations on what you would consider the "best" 3d bluray players out right now?
  10. 3D Source Components
    Guys, I'm planning in replacing my PS3 with dedicated 3D bluray disc player that could also play almost all video files from MKVs to 3D bluray iso through USB. Any recommendations? Thanks
  11. 3D Source Components
    Anybody have a report on the 3D quality of the 2D to 3D conversion the newer Panasonic BluRay Players can now do?? Thanks.
  12. 3D Source Components
    Hi, Probably this thread has been already posted, but i haven't found on AVS yet. Title describe my question, but anyone of you, knows if there is a 3D Bluray player supporting MKV file playback with DTS-HD audio track ? Or if there is a special trick to figure it out ? I'm planning to...
  13. 3D Source Components
    Hi !!! In these days i'm taking information to find out a cheap alternative solution, to watch my copy of Blurays, stored on my MediaCenter. There is any Bluray player capable to read ISO image (including menus and extras) of my bluray disks (3D and Normal) ? In any case, anyone found a...
  14. 3D Source Components
     http://www2.panasonic.com/consumer-e...702#tabsection This new panasonic bd player has twin hdmi output. So does that mean i can now watch 3d and get lossless sound with with my hdmi 1.3 receiver? 1 hdmi port could be hooked directly to the tv and other to the receiver. Will this work?
  15. 3D Source Components
    Can anybody recommend a 3d bluray player with Reon VX HQV
  16. 3D Source Components
    Okay, enough lols. It's just that I want to try futureproofing my next player but for now using it with my 32 Proscan CRT TV. S-video is its only high def input and I don't have more than 30 width to spare in my bedroom for a flat panel with comparable screen area (Besides, don't CRT's still...
  17. Home Theater Computers
    Is it possible to play BluRay media (including full menus, etc) and BluRay 3D under Linux? I know it's possible to rip the content and then play it, but I'm talking about something like PowerDVD for Linux, etc.
1-17 of 17 Results