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  1. LCD Flat Panel Displays
     For me, one of the big stories at CES this year is high dynamic-range displays. Sony's version is called X-tended Dynamic Range, which is implemented in the new X900B UHDTV with LED edgelighting; the Pro version is found in the flagship X950B with full-array backlighting and local dimming...
  2. Digital Hi-End Projectors - $3,000+ USD MSRP
     http://www.techhive.com/article/2085622/sony-plans-4k-shortthrow-laser-projector.html This bit of exciting news seems to have escaped some of the attention I feel it deserves. I'm not so amazed that Sony has a short-throw UHD projector coming to market this summer at an exorbitant cost...
  3. Ultra Hi-End HT Gear ($20,000+)
     Someone explain the difference(s) in the $25,000 Sony 84" X900 - and the $45,000 Samsung 85" S9AFXZA? - what would warrant an extra $20,000?!   They are both LED...
  4. Speakers
    Just a hypothetical but if I got a 4K XBR 900 series (the ones with the big speakers on the side), would the sound be better with those or with my modest receiver + stereo speakers + center speaker?
  5. Ultra Hi-End HT Gear ($20,000+)
    I am interested in purchasing a new 4K TV from either Samsung or Sony. The Samsung has the evolutionary kit to help with upgrades. There is no means to see one of these sets now in Michigan. I don't want to put a down payment i cannot see. The Sony looks good, but I wonder if there will be a...
  6. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I'm starting my research for an LED TV -- I know I want 80" class or bigger. Here is my best estimate of the list of available TVs for me to consider with some of the features I want to contrast. Sharp AQUOS LC-80LE844U (80”) - Full Array - Active 3D - IP Control = yes - Discontinued -...
  7. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Are there enough users of the Sony XBR65H900A to start a thread? I just bought mine and it is terrific. I've paired it with a Sony S790 Blu-ray player that upscales from 1090, and it looks great. The stories of having to sit nose up to the screen to see the difference in resolution aren't quite...
  8. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Hey all, I don't visit here much and am an infrequent poster, but I wanted to give you all my impressions of the 55" F8000 set I saw at the Value Electronics shootout; I attended and got to vote. I DO NOT WORK FOR OR SELL ANY OF THESE COMPANY'S PRODUCTS; this is just my opinion. Here are...
  9. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Talk about the new Sony 84-inch 4K Bravia XBR-84X900 Bought it. Want to buy it. Or discuss the performance
  10. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Sorry for the post I wont start a post a no more.
  11. LCD Flat Panel Displays
     The next generation of HDTVs is arriving, and it looks pretty incredible thus far:         I would imagine that most TV shows and movies wouldn't look that great on a 4K screen like this for a while, as the industry needs some time to catch up to this ridiculously high resolution.   ...
1-11 of 11 Results