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  1. Camcorders
    I'm not sure what's the deal, I have tried everything to install the firmware update. I even made sure to follow the directions and confirmed that the USB mode is connected in mass storage mode. I saw someone here who had the issue back in 2015 which is what made me ask again to see if anyone...
  2. Camcorders
    Just received the above cam (NTSC) version, went to do the recent firmware upgrade to find the USB connection does not seem to work. Tried all known connection variations (including to 3 different laptops) to no avail. I can also cross check with a friends identical cam (which has had the...
  3. Camcorders
    I want a pro video camera for documentaries (run&gun, interviews, news). my budget is 2500$. my priorities are: (good AF, good Low Light performance, HD 1080 at 60fps 4:2:2, and nice image stabilization.) My options so far are: Sony AX100, 1599$, great image quality, cool manual controls, but...
  4. Camcorders
    Sorry if another like this has been created. Here I have a GH4 with 12-35mm lens sample. The jolting vibration of the Hong Kong Tram was mostly absorbed by my hand with the rest the OIS. Still, very large horizontal agitations could not be mitigated.
1-4 of 4 Results