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  1. Blu-ray Players
    I know my tuner, lacking an HDMI input is 'old', but it still provides excellent quality sound. Anyone posting to answer 'buy a new tuner' will be ignored and have their posts glared at. Anyway, I know Oppo still provides 7.1 analog on their BD players and last year I think there was exactly...
  2. Blu-ray Players
    Goal: Getting all the newer codecs to play on my old receiver What i have : Pioneer 80txv, all the cables for analog to analog, and etc I was browsing the forums looking up old threads i came upon these models# Panasonic DMP-BD80K Sony BDP-S550 Samsung BD-P2500 -p2550 If there's a...
  3. Blu-ray Players
    I've been reading through info on the different Blu Ray players, but still unsure what to get. My Set Up: TV: Panasonic GT50 Receiver: Denon 2112CI Current Blu Ray Player: Sony BDP-S550 Current Stereo Set-up: 3.1 setup with Polk units, and Klipsch 10" subwoofer (will be replacing soon)...
  4. Video Source Items
    I have a like new Sony BDP-S550. Non smoking adult owned.Excellent condition.Selling because I bought the Panny BDT-500. Player,remote only.May have the manual(not sure).I would like $100 for the unit which includes shipping and paypal fees. Please PM me if you have any questions.
  5. Blu-ray Players
    I am new here so please direct me to the right place if I am in the wrong place but here is my question. I own a Harman Kardon AVR 8000 THX. The best HK receiver until about 2005 when it was discontinued. I love it and do not plan on replacing it for a while. I own a PS3 and watch all of my...
  6. Soundbars
    Greetings to all. I am getting ready to buy a sound-bar for my brand new Samsung 60 inch led. From reading many threads I have concluded that the ysp2200 seems to to be very high on peoples list as is the Sony 550. My question is this, is the ysp $450 dollars better than the Sony. I am also...
  7. Blu-ray Players
    While looking through sonystyle.com I noticed a new Sony Blu-ray player, the BDP-S770. Has anyone heard about this blu-ray player? As Sony no longer appears to produce their ES line of blu-ray players, is the 770 equivalent to the next generation of the es1000? I believe Sony sold the es1000...
  8. Blu-ray Players
    Mine will be delivered shortly from buy.com. Some pics provided by James B. here: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...5#post14845415
1-8 of 9 Results