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  1. Remote Control Area
     My remote just quit working. I figured batteries,changed them still not working. Any suggestions? I can not find an access code on anything to reset it. Please help me!
  2. Speakers
    hi guys... I have a Sony BDV-E580 which for the price I absolutely love, it sound great but I can notice some of the sound, specially from the center with dialogs, as if the sound too powerful and could not get out completely. I think they may sound excellent with better set of speakers. I...
  3. Home Theater In A Box
    I've got a Kenwood Stereo receiver with older Polk satellite speakers and a non-powered sub woofer. Just added a Sony KDL-40EX523 HDTV and am looking for better sound. I can't easily do rear/side speakers, so I'm looking at a 2.1 or 3.1 system. I'm also severly limited in space, so the center...
  4. Home Theater In A Box
    I just purchased a Sony BDV-E580 and am experiencing audio lag when viewing DirecTV. I did not experience this problem with my old Pioneer SX-315. Since the audio is BEHIND the video, the A/V Sync settings only make the problem worse. Here is what I have running through the new Sony HTS...
  5. Home Theater In A Box
    I'm really new to HTS. I researched a bunch of stuff today. Trying to find a system under $450 that I'm going to be only using in my bedroom. Found these two. I'm kind of looking for all the needless extra features like virtual 7.1 and enhancers, etc. if its possible. Anybody know which of...
  6. Home Theater In A Box
    Does anyone know if the Sony BDV-E580 HTIB supports HDMI passthrough when in power-standby? I would like to hook up my DirecTV box through the HTIB then out to my Panisonic LCD, but I don't want to have to turn on the HTIB every time I watch TV. Thanks!
1-6 of 6 Results