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  1. Blu-ray Players
    So I got a Sony Blu Ray, contacted customer support last night and was told there was no MLB TV app available "yet" for this product. WTH? It's April and baseball season...lol!! Honestly, I could care less about almost all of the lousy apps this product offers. I just want my baseball season...
  2. Blu-ray Players
    Today my BDP-S390 updated and i´ve got some Russian videochannels and the Netflix icon is gone... Whats happening?? /Kindly /Obinett
  3. Blu-ray Players
    New Owner of a Sony BDP S-390 I have a problem with one of the above BluRay players, in that , it now limits my YouTube downloads to a total of twelve clips, whereas previously it was beyond a hundred and fifty. When I add a new one on, the oldest stored "falls off" . Why is this please...
  4. Blu-ray Players
    It's a European model (I live in Europe) and it says on the box that it plays Xvid .avi, but none of the movies I've downloaded with the .avi extension play, instead giving a 'file is corrupt or incompatible' error. Using VLC software on Windows, I converted one of the avi files to H.264 +...
  5. Blu-ray Players
    Do any of the cheaper players (not Oppo) support streaming MKVs over a local network with HD audio passthrough (DTS-HD, TrueHD, etc.)? Also, can any play 3D MKVs ripped from 3D blu-rays? Thanks.
1-5 of 5 Results