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  1. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I've had a hx850 46" for months now and been very happy with the picture however If I play journey I get a weird darker discolouration/ inverse flashlighting effect in the bottom 2 corners even in a grey screen its very hard to notice so Im not really sure whats going on but I assume its a...
  2. Plasma Flat Panel Displays
    Hello All, Whenever Im asked about TV's for friends, this is the first place I turn.. However now i am in the position to purchase a TV and would like your expert advice. There is currently a good sale on Best Buy and other sites for TV's and would like to take advantage.. I've read reviews...
  3. Display Devices
    Brand New Sealed box. Never opened. Shall carry manufacturer complete coverage. Detailed item info Description The Sony HX850 is a 46-inch 3D television, delivering sharp and clear images with a 1080-pixel resolution. The Motionflow XR 960 technology of this LED Sony HDTV facilitates smooth...
  4. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the Sony HX750 vs. HX850? Looking for a new set for my bedroom, don't know what I am going to buy yet. Thanks for the info. John
1-5 of 5 Results