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  1. Soundbars
    I have an Sony KDL 55ex 710 and zvox555 soundbar. HDMI from att uverse cable box to tv Toslink cable from tv to zvox When I'm on high deff channels sound is great. When i switch to a standred channel the sound goes way down. Is this normal?
  2. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Which one company better good for television and do this better qualitative? SONY, SAMSUNG, LG. About 32 inches, Full HD LED, for Gaming too.
  3. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Hey, I need to buy a new LED TV but I am have a worry about it, I dont know which one to pick. SONY EX650 SONY EX710 SAMSUNG ES5600 SAMSUNG D5000 Budget: 500$ My needs is for: Gaming Pc, XBOX360, PS3 50% Movies and serieses 25% Sport football 25% As you seen the Gaming is super...
  4. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Currently dealing with the 2013 Sony KDL-60R550A ($1750 price point, so not high end) and it's got a pronounced DSE on panning backgrounds. I'm wondering if it's worth risking the other things that might go wrong if I get a replacement. Have you typically found DSE on most of your LCD's and...
  5. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Hello, Sorry if this has been posted somewhere but I searched the entire forum and could not find it. Does someone have some decent calibration settings for the Sony KDL55EX710? I cannot find these settings anywhere. Makes me wonder if Im the only one who purchased this TV. Thanks
  6. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Hello all, I need some help in locating hours that are on my Sony kdl-55ex710. All help would be greatly appreciated. Tom
1-6 of 6 Results