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  1. Direct View (single tube) CRT Displays
    First off, I have little to no knowledge of CRT TVs other than what I have read on this website, so please take everything I say with a grain of salt. I was recently given a Wega KV34HS420 that had extreme overscan. After doing some reading and getting into the service menu i was able to dial...
  2. Direct View (single tube) CRT Displays
    I am looking to buy a TV for PS3/PS4 Gaming. I found a Sony KV-34HS420 near me for around $100 and wanted to know if it would be good for ps3/ps4 gaming? is the 1080i comparable to 1080P? Is there any downside to these TV's other than the size being undesirable to some?
  3. Direct View (single tube) CRT Displays
    My Sony Trinitron is not working. It comes on for a few seconds and then promptly shuts off. There is a flashing red light on the front of the TV (Stand by/timer) that is flashing 6 times intermittently. Any ideas how to fix. Thanks for you help.
  4. Direct View (single tube) CRT Displays
    Hello, I'm having a problem with colors blurring on my Sony KV-34HS420. I've attached a photo to illustrate. 1. Notice how the white of the eye extends into the flesh color of the nose, so that there is a red stripe. The red gradually fades back to the original flesh. 2. Notice how the...
  5. Direct View (single tube) CRT Displays
    I have the Sony KV34HS420. When I turn it on I get audio for a second or two. No picture. While it is on it flashes a slow 10 or 11 times. It shuts down and then the red light on the front flashes 7 times and repeats. I have unplugged it more than once for up to 30 minutes and it does the same...
1-5 of 5 Results