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sony open box bdp s790 3d blu ray disc player
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  1. Video Source Items
    200.00 Shipped Used 1x less than 1 month old , I have org box and all items ended up getting an Oppo BDP 105
  2. Blu-ray Players
    How to hack Sony BDP-S790 (from USA) multi region?
  3. Audio Gear
    Sony BDP-S790 Blu Ray Player less than a year old purchased new from Amazon. Works perfectly, selling because I decided to splurge on a Oppo BDP-95. Original remote was replaced with the one shown. This one is far better in terms of control for the scrolling. $150. Shipping IS INCLUDED to...
  4. Blu-ray Player Great Found Deals!
    $189 at SonyRewards.com "deal of the week" Note: To get the $189 price you will need to have a Sony Visa Card and link it to your Sonyrewards account. 57 left at the time of posting You dont need to be a Sonyrewards card member to purchase, but you wont get the very special price if you...
  5. Blu-ray Player Great Found Deals!
    So $50 off at Sonyrewards.com
  6. Blu-ray Players
    Hi I am relatively new to the forum. Just bought sony bdp-s790 after reading rave reviews on this forums. So far I am pleased. My setup is Sony BDP-S790 ---> Sony STR-DA5300ES Receiver --->Sony KDS-60A3000 TV using HDMI. I also have PS3, Verizon Fios all connected to the Sony Receiver via...
  7. Video Source Items
    Thinning out and upgrading to a universal player with analog 7.1 outputs This player purchased last summer it's well known current top model for Sony. Home theater top pick price is fair and includes shipping cont us and PayPal fee feel free to contact me with any questions or pics. Smoke and...
  8. Blu-ray Players
    Hi all, I'm looking for a Blu-ray player for my mancave, $250.00 or less. I currently own a PS3 as my main player and am happy with it but would like to try a standalone unit this time rather than buy a second PS3. Read some good things about the Sony BDP-S790 but am unsure whether it's as...
  9. Blu-ray Players
    I need to make a decision in the next few days between purchasing the panasonic dmp-bdt 500 or Sony bdp-s790. I am using this on a 106" Elunevision reference screen with Panasonic AE7000U projector so I need top-notch video as the first row of seating in the theater room is only 10 feet away...
  10. Blu-ray Players
    Hi, May I ask should I set this to 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 in my BDP-S790 with my HX853? I have done some googling however I am unable to draw a solid conclusion many thanks.
  11. Blu-ray Players
    Hi, Really think I have a faulty player tbh however best to ask some knowledgeable people. DTS HD MA and Dolbly TrueHD work fine from my PC, and worked fine with my PS3 also, all I have done is unplug my PS3 and slide in the Sony BDP-S790 (Yes I know, I could not afford the BDT500)...
  12. Blu-ray Players
    I have an issue with this player and need some advice. I got this yesterday via UPS. Purchased it from ABT electronics. I set it up to work wirelessly in less than 10 minutes. Keep in mind, this is my 5th Sony blu ray player I've purchased in the last 5 years. Not that anything has happened to...
  13. Blu-ray Player Great Found Deals!
    Good deal on the Sony BDP-S790 from the Sony store or Amazon $229 and $228 respectively Plus three months of Hulu Plus free, you just have to go to Sony web site to sine up:cool:
  14. Blu-ray Players
    I thought I'd go ahead and kick off this topic seeing as I've initiated the threads for the last two Sony flagship blu-ray players. Sony has announced their new flagship blu-ray player--the BDP-S790: Features:3D Blu-ray Disc Full HD 1080p playback Built-in Wi-Fi for streaming entertainment...
  15. Blu-ray Players
     Sony BDP-S790 Highlights 3D Blu-ray Disc Full HD 1080p playback Built-in Wi-Fi for streaming entertainment Sony Entertainment Network: Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Hulu Plus and more Skype capability with optional camera Super Bit Mapping Fast performance with built-in Dual Core...
1-15 of 15 Results