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speaker stands
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  1. Speakers
    I am in the market for some weighted material for my speaker stands. I have the Monoprice Monolith stands which each have four square tubes that I will fill. I’ve seen lead shot recommended a lot, but it produces dust and I don’t want lead in my home. Dry sand is an option but I probably need...
  2. Speakers
    Having a hard time finding decent, large speaker stands.. Need 2 for some Polk L200's Height 15.66" (39.78 cm) Width 8.33" (21.16 cm) Depth 13.3" (33.78 cm) Only 1 I've found so far is this Amazon.com: Pyle Dual Studio Monitor 2 Speaker Stand Mount Kit - Heavy Duty Tripod Pair and...
  3. Speakers
    Hi, My 2.0 speakers (Quad S1) are currently sitting on a Wooden PC table (sometimes on a bamboo stool beside the table). They sound somewhat boomy. These speakers are rear ported (really small rear port) but are at least a foot from the window behind them. I am renovating the room (10 feet by...
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    Having a place to put those great-sounding bookshelf speakers is a pretty important component of your music listening or home theater space. We’ve picked six affordable options for your stand choices, which range from ones with great cable management to ones that give you an adjustable height...
  5. Audio Gear
    WTB Paradigm J-18C Center Channel Speaker Stand 17-3/4-inch tall stand for use with Monitor Center 1, Monitor Center 3, Studio CC-590/CC-690 or Signature C3/C5.
  6. Speakers
    I recently purchased a 5.1 system powered by five KEF speakers (four Q100s and one Q200c). I am working on setting up the speakers and am not sure if I should use a traditional speaker stand, adjustable speaker stand, shelves, mounts or something else. Does anyone have any suggestions in regards...
1-6 of 7 Results