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  1. Speakers
    Hi, I install rear height on wall speaker for the Atmos(my receiver support that Onkyo Tx-NR7100). Is it better to point the speaker down but alignment with the listener or point down but alignment with the front speaker? I post a picture of the setup, and I pointed then directly on the...
  2. Audio Gear
    Hey all! I currently own a set of Swan T900F’s. I would like to complete the set if possible with the center and rears, but at this point it’s basically impossible to find them anywhere. If anyone out there has them and would like to part with them, feel free to reach out. Thank you! (Specially...
  3. Speakers
    i noticed when i listen to music on my surround sound system or in my car i hear subtle sounds that i dont hear with airpods or beats studio 3 headphones, is that because the bigger speakers move more air and can then play a more wide range of sounds than smaller ones ?
  4. Speakers
    My current HT setup is a set of Energy Take Classic 5.0 surrounds, a Dayton Audio SUB-1000 and a Denon AVR-760h. I've had this setup for about 10 years now (excluding AVR which I got recently), and have been pretty happy with it. I finally replaced my 51" plasma after the same time frame with...
  5. Speakers
    I have a 25 yo B&W mid range speaker, a multimeter, and the lack of belief these speakers really sounded as bad as they currently do, in their prime So, i wanna check to see if the crossover is withing tolerances. Is there anything else I should keep in mind, besides checking capacitor tolerances?
  6. Audio Gear
    100w handling Speaker selector in good working condition made in the USA! Switches 4 speaker pairs for listening comparison.
    $60 USD
  7. Speakers
    I just acquired some Polk S15 bookshelf speakers and one of the cabinets is scratched up pretty bad for my taste. The veneer seems like a dense plastic of some kind, is there anything I can do to buff these out or make them less noticeable? Any advice or experience with this kind of thing is...
  8. Audio Gear
    One owner. Pet free environment. Lovingly cared for. You must come hear these speakers to believe them. One of the best speakers on the planet. The best in their price class. If you have ever heard or owned these speakers, you know they are easily worth more than the asking price; therefore...
    $5,000 USD
  9. Audio Gear
    Lightly used for about a year, black Bowers and Wilkins 606S2 anniversary series bookshelf speakers. I have the stands for sale also, new in box. Moving into new home and I don’t have a spot for them. I have the original box with original packing material and all accessories. Speakers are in...
    $600 USD
  10. Speakers
    Setting up a dedicated “theater area” in our basement. Space is 9ft ceiling and 14ft wide by 14.5ft deep. I’d like all in wall and in ceiling setup with a 5.1.2 Dolby atmos setup. I’d love to get recommendations in the 3-4k range for either all speakers including sub or without sub. Fronts...
  11. Audio Gear
    For sale is 2 Klipsch PRO-160-RPC (pair) in ceiling (atmos) speakers. They are like new and only 6 months old.
    $400 USD
  12. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    WELCOME TO THE AUDYSSEY FAQ AND 'AUDYSSEY 101'! To get started, please choose from one of the following 3 options : 1. Click Here To Go Directly To The FAQ Questions And Answers. Links are highlighted in a different colour to the rest of the text. Clicking on any Question takes...
  13. Speakers
    Hi everyone, my name is Gionny and I have recently entered the world of speakers. Specifically I should buy a speaker to connect to my gaming pc but I'm not very experienced and I don't know exactly which one to choose, surfing the internet I found these but I don't know if they are good or not...
  14. Audio Gear
    I purchased a pair of AE TD12M ohms years ago for a project that I never had a chance to start. These have remained unopened in the box. I can take more pictures upon request. $750 plus shipping in the US.
    $750 USD
  15. $50 USD
  16. Audio Gear
    For sale is an SVS PB-1000 subwoofer that is used but in excellent condition. Any questions, just ask! Local pickup
    $350 USD
  17. Subwoofers, Bass, and Transducers
    I have a fully stock 2007 ford focus se xz4. Everything in it is stock, and nothings been changed. I plan on revamping the sound system and i’m comfortable with the speakers and headunit but i’m worried about the subwoofer having issues with not having enough power. Here is what I am going to be...
  18. Audio Gear
    Great condition. Boxed with accessories. Works perfect. Looks great. Comes with two different grill/bracket types and wall template. Price negotiable OBO. I'm the original owner. Bought it brand new from a dealer. Just replaced my speakers in the room so no more need for this one.
    $500 USD
  19. Speakers
    I have the rp-250c but i am looking for something a bit smaller in the depth and height.
  20. Audio Gear
    Decided to go a different route. As of 6/2/22, I have 2 of these - brand new factory sealed. Asking $650 each shipped.
    $650 USD
1-20 of 434 Results