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  1. Subwoofer SPL reading is too high to EQ to 75-80

    Subwoofers, Bass, and Transducers
    Hi there, I just synched up my four subs using the delays in MiniDSP. Now my issue is EQ. My SPL readings fluctuate above the 75-80 range. This makes it impossible to EQ. Any ideas what I should do to calibrate this? Did I miss anything? I am following the suggestions from the Hour and a half...
  2. need help with home audio setup

    Audio Theory, Setup, and Chat
    Im just entering the home audio scene and I recently purchased a Yamaha RX-V683 and two Pioneer SP-FS52 towers. I ran the YPAO and the system works fine for tv and movies but listening to music does not get loud enough for my tastes. It gets loud enough for my wife but I like my music EXTREMELY...
  3. SPL at different units ? 1W/0.5m ? ?

    Hello, i am really new to the audio scene and i found something that has me really confused. I am curious with knowing how loud (dB) something is going to be at a certain distance.i have found several online calculators to help and will be reasonable ( not going for high accuracy). The...
  4. Poll: Can Your System Handle Rock Concert SPL & Do You Listen at those Levels?

    This past Friday—April 7, 2017—I had the pleasure and honor of being a guest of Klipsch Audio at the 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction, held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. A significant portion of the four-hour event involved performances by the inductees including Pearl Jam, Yes...
  5. Microphone Calibration

    Audio Theory, Setup, and Chat
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could name me industry standard (Or professional) microphone calibration techniques. I am using an arduino and microphone and i have access to a SPL meter. I aim just to play a 1 kHz tone out of my speakers but i cant find many documents explaining the method...
  6. Is max SPL at lowest frequency all that matters?

    Subwoofers, Bass, and Transducers
    Hi, Often when people are comparing subwoofers, they compare what max SPL they are capable of producing at the lowest possible frequency. If one subwoofer has a higher SPL than another, it "wins" and is thus considered to be a better subwoofer than the other one. But does that really tell the...
  7. Bookshelf speakers: Max SPL at lower frequencies?

    Audio Theory, Setup, and Chat
    Hi, When discussing subwoofers, it's often mentioned what SPL they can reach at different frequencies. But what about other speakers, such as bookshelf speakers? In reviews of those you mostly see a frequency response graph measured at very low output (e.g. measured at 2.83V input). Something...
  8. Why bother with more than two 18" pro woofers

    DIY Speakers and Subs
    Hey guys. Why even bother with more than two 18" pro woofers. Look see what Procella can do. 130dB continuous at 18Hz, with 136dB Peak!! Procella P18 2016 Full Frontal. Power Handling: 2 x 1,200W cont Amplifier: Procella DA06-DSP Impedance: 2 x 4ohm Sensitivity: 102dB/1m/1W Max SPL...
  9. How Loud Is Too Loud?

    KEF Music Lounge
    "Back in the day we had a rule of thumb about loud music: If your ears were ringing after you left a show, it was a good show and a good time; if your ears were ringing the next morning, you managed to give yourself some level of permanent hearing loss." Read the full blog post here.