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  1. Speakers
    Hi! I am about to upgrade my set from: 4 x DT ProMonitor 800 + 1 x DT ProCenter 1000 + 2 x Polk FXI-A4 (Surround back) To: 2 x Klipsch Synergy F-2 2 x Klipsch Synergy B-2 1 x Klipsch Synergy C-2 2 x Polk FXI-A4 (Surround back) Could you please give me some advice? I am looking for "filling"...
  2. This and That
    2 Salamander Synergy media cabinets. Maple finish with aluminum. Flawless condition. Local pickup, cash only. Cabinets are located in Stony Point, NY, 30 minutes outside NYC. Call or text 914-262-4847 only. Thank you for looking. Andy
  3. Speakers
    Long time reader, finally decided to create an account so I can contribute as well, anyways I digress. I hope I'm using the correct term, synergy. What I mean by that is, I'm curious, if my setup blends well together being different brands. My setup is as follows: Marantz SR5012 7.2ch 100...
1-4 of 4 Results