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  1. Remote Control Area
    For those that have one, what are the surface material textures like? Which parts are glossy and which are matte? I can't determine this from photos online. Thanks!
  2. Home Theater Computers
    TiVo introduced a pretty slick remote today. $50 QWERTY keyboard and backlit buttons are plusses. It is RF and IR http://blog.tivo.com/2013/11/introducing-the-new-tivo-slide-pro-remote/#.UoVGSGQ6Ui4 RF to HTPC may be impossible, but I dont see why we couldn't use IR.. thoughts?
  3. HTPC Computer Items
    Tivo Slide, like new, used very little, in box. $30.00 shipped in CONUS
  4. Home Theater Computers
    Has anyone tried using the TiVO slide remote with WMC? Can the remote wake a PC from sleep? Does it work with most receivers? The Slide remote does look tempting from a combined remote/keyboard perspective.
1-4 of 4 Results