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  1. General Home Theater & Media/Game Rooms
    I've been asking around the web on various engineering forums, and I figured y'all might have some helpful advice/experience with this situation as well. I have 10 electronic components all stacked on top of each other in an open space (not in a closed cabinet). There's no internal fans or...
  2. HD DVD Players
    Hello! I am new here so I beg your patience. I have a large box of home movies that I need to transfer from vhs. I have bought two vhs to dvd recorders and both are giving me a record error message after just one year - and there are tapes yet untransferred. Plus, I am also trying to find out...
  3. DVD Recorders (Standard Def)
    I have about 100 VHS-C tapes of various lengths that I would like to transfer to my computer. I have a Panasonic CHS PlayPak tape size converter. I own a blackmagic intensity capture card, however since its ideal usage is digital capture, it supposedly has issues/is very sensitive to vhs...
1-3 of 4 Results