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  1. HDTV Recorders
    hey guys got a new VIZIO P series tv that doesn't have a tuner built in. i have on OTA antenna but need a way to connect it to the TV via HDMI. any basic recommendations? i don't really need DVR capabilities. i see a bunch of cheap ones on amazon and looking for a recommendation. i also see...
  2. Home Theater Computers
    Hi guys. So I recently bought a SiliconDust HDHR4, and while I dig the feature set on the device, it seems that the tuners themselves are... well, crap. My 7-year-old Samsung 6188 DLP TV's built-in tuner picks up channels with ease that the HDHR can't pick up at all, or that it drops frequently...
  3. HDTV Technical
    I have an older Panasonic Professional display (TH-50PH9UK) that does not have a tuner. I am looking to drop cable. What can I get that will act as a DVR and OTA tuner for this TV? Thanks for the help.
1-3 of 3 Results