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  1. Soundbars
    Fluance promises a lot for the $250 AB40 2.0-channel TV sound stand, so when I had a chance to get one for hands-on (and ears-on, and mic-on) evaluation, I said yes. A TV sound base struck me as exactly the source of product where, perhaps, Fluance can deliver some real value. After all, the...
  2. Soundbars
    Sonos deserves credit for creating the multi-room, networked lifestyle-audio category. Its innovative approach to sound prioritizes network stability and playback reliability above all other factors. This ethos led to enormous success for the company among consumers looking for attractive, easy...
  3. Soundbars
    A few weeks ago, I traveled to Boston and took a sneak peek at the new Sonos PlayBase ($700) TV sound stand. It was my first trip to Sonos , a company where hardware product introductions are rare, mainly because the software-centric approach the company takes—where performance upgrades...
1-3 of 3 Results