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  1. Speakers
    Hi everyone, I have a Yamaha NS-C40 as center speaker and I want to upgrade it. I am on a tight budget (under $100) and I found Procenter 100 for $45 and Pure Acoustic Dream 77c for $40. I would like to learn your opinion since probably most of the people in this forum have more experience than...
  2. Headphones
    Soo I did some digging and narrowed it down to a number of headphones. now i was wondering if you guys could help me fiugre out wich ones best suited for me from these, or direct me to others. in shrot i uselly listen to hip hop, pop, rnb, house you know most of the mainstream stuff, now i'll...
  3. Speakers
    My old 15 year old Monsoon 2.1 MH-500 system finally has given up the ghost and has turned into a static mess. Really liked those speakers, too. Wish there were a way to keep them... In any case, I'm in the market for a 2.0 or 2.1 system for my Mac Pro with a pretty hard limit of $100. Also...
1-3 of 3 Results