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  1. Remote Control Area
    Hi Can anyone tell me where I can get a programming cable for the MX-3000 (older generation)? Tried Amazon.com but they have only the Newer Generation. Thank you Rob
  2. Remote Control Area
    I know i konw, this sw is just for dealer hahaha but someone who wants to be merciful and tell me where can I find it... I already have CCP but doesnt works with MX-3000
  3. Remote Control Area
    Just bought an mx-3000 off ebay like most people and i have the skills to program the remote but cant get my hands on the software. Can anyone help me get the software?
  4. Remote Control Area
    Hey there fellow enthusiats! I need your advice on replacing my MX3000 remote. It crapped out on me after 7 years of good service so it is time to start exploring options. Currently - it runs the following: * SIM2 D80 * Integra 7.8 *Sony BDP S1 *Atlantic Scientific Time Warner *X Box'...
  5. Remote Control Area
    I was looking at MX 3000 on ebay and before thoroughly researching the remote and its need of live updates, I purchased one (not an authorized dealer). I know I am putting the cart before the horse but is there a link or does someone have the latest software I may down load. Thanks Tom
  6. Remote Control Area
    I'm sitting here laughing as I just discovered something. I had all of the URC software programs uploaded to a public hosting site. They stayed there for ~4 months. I've given about a dozen people links to the different programs. Well, someone in this section was looking for the MX-850...
  7. Remote Control Area
    Just got a new laptop as the old one died and can't get software off it (data was backed up). Now I find that Universal Remote Control no longer has the software for MX-3000 available for download from its website. Can someone with the software PM me and I'll give you my e-mail and send it...
1-7 of 7 Results