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  1. Remote Control Area
    I am looking for a new remote for the house. I currently have the URC mx-900 and love it. I use the range extenders where i can be on the back porch and still control the main receiver in the lower finished level of my home. I am looking at ether adding another one for the main level living...
  2. Remote Control Area
    I am looking for a RF option that will work well with an iphone or ipad. . I use a harmony 900 right now that gets the jop done but I would like to try something else.
  3. Home A/V Distribution
    Hi to all. We purchased a home that has the Nutone intercom system through out..1 master with 6 room controllers. We like having the option to use it but hate the way it looks.. Does anyone know of a good replacement for the nutone units? The intercom is not that important, would like to...
  4. Remote Control Area
    Found a thread that tells me that I can't change the order of devices. How about activities? If you press the more activities button, it lists the extra activities (those without a dedicated button) first. Is there any way to change this sequence? And is there any way to have more than one...
1-4 of 4 Results