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  1. Remote Control Area
    Hello all, What I am really asking is: Is the TRC-820 compatible with the same RF module (mrf350/rfx250)? I assume programming is still done with Complete Control Program? Any other sticking points if I move from the 880 to the trc-820? I have always programmed these myself with no problems...
  2. Remote Control Area
    I'm trying to connect a Darbee to a URC MRF-260, controlled by a MX-880. Plugging a cable directly into the IR in port doesnt work. I emailed Darbee for help and got the following answer: "The IR IN on the Darblet expects a pin-out, from tip to sleeve of: (3.3V VCC Out, 3.3V IR In, GND). If...
  3. Remote Control Area
     A little side info here...I used to work at a home/car audio and video showroom that went out of business years ago.  During that time, I learned to do basic programming on remotes (definitely not to the extent that most of you can do), but enough for it to work how I want it to work.  I have...
  4. Remote Control Area
    I received a MX880 remote as an award from work but then realized that I needed software to program it. I called a local dealer for the software, but he wouldn't sell it but offered to program it for me for $200. I thought that was too high considering that I have only 4 components that need to...
  5. Remote Control Area
    I am in the process of getting an a/v home theater company out to wall mount my tv and run wires to my a/v equipment,etc. They have quoted me for their work, but the remote they want to sell me seems to get bad reviews. I currently have a Harmony remote which works well with the a/v equipment...
  6. Remote Control Area
    I imported some devices to an MX880 setup.. After I import the device, how do I make a button for the imported device on the Watch or Listen page ? Thanks for the help Shelly
  7. Remote Control Area
    Hello, I plan to buy the Harmony 900. I just have a few questions to ask before i make the purchase as its not the cheapest remote. It looks great and i really like it. The thing is i have 3 tvs/projectors that i often run at once. Setup one: Panasonic TX-32LE8A>Mono Price HDX-401E(hdmi...
  8. Remote Control Area
    Does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative to the Logitech Harmony remotes?? I've gone through two of them. I like their ease of use but the buttons seem to wear fast and stop working. They don't seem to last more than a year or two.
  9. Remote Control Area
    I just bought URC MX-880 from ebay but it does not come with software. How do I get the CCP software for this remote? thanks.
  10. Remote Control Area
    I'm planning a DIY control system like is popular with iRule or Roomie, but I want a hard-button remote. Right now I'm using a Harmony 900 and its base station, which sends IR to my devices. I could continue to use this, sending IR to my automation controller (a Raspberry Pi box) who then...
  11. Remote Control Area
    Hi I posted this elsewhere but didn't get a complete response. I have 450 and the rf350. I have Apple TV working through code set 412. (0476) didn't work. The problem I'm having is there seems to be no way to get the menu set onto the actual remote ( up down select buttons) I can access...
  12. Remote Control Area
    I'm having issues with RF interference (Universal Remote MX-880 & RFX-250 Receiver with Samsung plasma 50" HD TV and TiVO HD). The receiver and all equipment is in a closet in a small room just next to the den in which the TV is located. I thought maybe this "masking tape trick" I'd read about...
  13. Remote Control Area
    I have the MX-880 remote but seem it can not learn the code from PCH 200 , anyone can help me with this, or anyone have a hex code for this please share thank you
1-13 of 13 Results