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  1. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
     Recently had to replace battery in Universal Remote MX-980. While waiting for battery to arrive, we used the remotes for the TV, Integra AV Receiver DTR-40.1, Comcast cable.  After battery was replaced we had trouble getting the front speakers on.  We can get ZONE 2 speakers on  with no issue...
  2. Remote Control Area
     I have been trying to make a persistent help button, but I want to make it small and in the corner. When I click add persistent button it brings up a giant 100x100 button. I imported the small help button that the CCP software has existing but it is still to big. Every time I try to change the...
  3. Remote Control Area
    Any input here on the two would be greatly appreciated! I've been looking at both for awhile and pricing aside am having a tough time making a decision. I know the layouts b/w the two are different button wise, but are there any particular things that would cause one to lean to wanting...
  4. Remote Control Area
     I obtained the remote quite a while back so I could use the 30-second skip functionality of my old DVR, and it worked wonderfully. Then I moved and lost the remote somewhere in the forest of boxes. I just found it again and I appear to be unable to use any of the device keys. They don't...
  5. Remote Control Area
    Hello, I have been searching high and low for the right remote for my new home theater. I am leaning towards the URC MX-980. Opinions? Thanks, Matthew
  6. Remote Control Area
     I have completed my home theater setup and have completed the programming of my URC MX-980 remote, but I cannot get it to work out with my DTV converter box.  So I'm curious if anyone out there has figured out a way to get codes that work with the iView 3500stb?
  7. Remote Control Area
    Hi! Has anyone compared this Harmony Ultimate to URC MX-780 OR MX-980 with MRF-260 ? I was planning to go with MX-780 ( as it was advised by Magnolia @ Best Buy), but when I read about Harmony Ultimate, thought that could work too. Please give me your thoughts on both the remotes and how...
  8. Remote Control Area
    Hello, I have a MX-980 that I received as a gift. I have all the software to program, but just cannot figure it out. Is there any one that can give me a few pointers/tutorial on it? Would REALLY appreciate it. Thanks
  9. Remote Control Area
    MY installer said he would give it to me but has yet to do so. Installers are way overrated. THey are really...nevemind. I have MX 3000 software (I have both remotes) that I will share for the 980 software. THanks.
  10. Remote Control Area
    Hey there fellow enthusiats! I need your advice on replacing my MX3000 remote. It crapped out on me after 7 years of good service so it is time to start exploring options. Currently - it runs the following: * SIM2 D80 * Integra 7.8 *Sony BDP S1 *Atlantic Scientific Time Warner *X Box'...
  11. Remote Control Area
    I know I'm throwing a dart here, but after 2 years of awesomeness, my H1 won't sync, either via the software or through myharmony.com. I've tried all kinds of advice - turning off firewall, switching USB ports and cables, etc. The remote recognizes that it's connected via USB, however the...
  12. Remote Control Area
    I have purchased a MX-980 and had someone out of state create a progamming file. I have it but can not connect to the remote to upload it. I think it is an issue because I am using Windows 7. Does anyone know the fix? It will not load any drivers.
  13. Remote Control Area
    I'm looking for some advice on what would be a good remote for my situation. The equipment the remote must control: Samsung LN52A650 TV Integra DHC-80.2 Preprocessor Oppo BDP-83 Blu Ray player Home Theater PC for Windows Media Center use There are other parts of my home theater, of...
1-13 of 13 Results