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vienna acoustics
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  1. Audio Gear
    I’m looking for a replacement Vienna Acoustics “Bach” midrange woofer driver in the USA. Any leads appreciated -NY
  2. Speakers
    Has anyone had any success in finding a drop-in replacement for a VA Strauss tweeter. It's a 4 ohm. I've looked at the entire Scan-Speak and SEAS lines. The problem is the cavity. It's very shallow and the hole for the driver is very small (40mm). Also, the freakin face-plate is huge. (122mm)...
  3. Speakers
    Just thought I'd put this together to make it easier to find some of the speaker owners threads. Hopefully this can be made a sticky. I'm sure I've missed some so feel free to add anything. If you can give me the link that would make it easier Anthony Gallo owners' thread Aperion...
1-4 of 4 Results