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  1. Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP
    How to make work Viewsonic PLED-W500 with Nvidia 3d Vision 2?
  2. Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP
    Hi all, I think I'm going to pass on the Qumi, or at least wait till the Infocus IN116 and Optoma GT750 get released in August. I think I'll probably go with one of those. They're bulb based, and I'd prefer LED, but they have higher lumen output...unless the ML-500, PLED-W500 or K330 with...
  3. Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP
    Viewsonic's up and coming 500 lumen LED Projector: PLED-W500 LED WXGA Portable DLP® Projector 1280x800 native resolution 500 ANSI lumens 2000:1 contrast ratio LED light source up to 20000 hours
1-3 of 3 Results