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vizio quantum
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  1. Display Calibration
    I am trying to calibrate and learn in the process, my new Vizio 85" P series Quantum X H1 with i1 display and calman 5 but I have some doubts in correlate the tv controls with what it is trying to calibrate I saw the Vizio have color tuner with CMS and 20 point white balance. 1. I did the 2...
  2. AVS Forum® Articles
    Trying to watch a movie or TV program in a bright room is downright frustrating. As you strain your eyes to follow the scenes, you might find that no matter what you do, you can’t get a good picture without a reflection. You may find yourself always having to reposition the TV and your furniture...
  3. LCD Panels
    Long time lurker, finally making a post :) I'm looking to sell a new (but opened) Vizio 65" Quantum LED TV PQ65-F1. I had to swap out my original unit due to a warranty issue, and this is a new (not refurbished) replacement that was unpacked from the box by the shipping company at my place (I...
1-3 of 3 Results