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  1. Front Projector
    Info from a well-known site on CRT projector: The G90 is Sony's best (and last) late model CRT projector. It uses 9" liquid coupled tubes with EM focus. 150 Khz scan rate (high enough to display anything you can throw at it, including 1080p), component input along with the regular...
  2. Front Projector
    **Edited** *** SOLD ***
  3. Display Devices
    My boss was given one of these several years ago from a guy cleaning out his company storage. It is in working condition as far as I know. It has a remote and a slide door that opens with what looks like a duplicate of the remote on the top inside the sliding door. I can't find a serial number...
  4. CRT Projectors
    I bought a Moome card a while back. Tech installed it, card never worked. No lights, no power, nothing. Switched it out with Moome and got one that at least lights up. Trouble is my Tech can't get picture out of it. I trust this guy, he has a ton of industry experience and helped me fix up a TON...
1-4 of 4 Results