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  1. CD Players & Dedicated Music Transports
    i have some questions about FLAC i really need cleared up before i re-rip my entire cd collection. in WMP (windows media player) it now lets me use (although i dont see a place to choose a compression level?) FLAC but the bit rate is roughly varied between 500 - 1000 Kbps as opposed to WAV at...
  2. 2-Channel Audio
    On the new iFI idac2 sampler there is a nice collection ranging from DSD and PCM to FLAC; http://www.soundliaison.com/all-categories/185-ifi-micro-idac2-music-sampler http://ifi-audio.com/audio_blog/idac2-special-ifi-music-sampler-dsd-album-by-sound-liaison/
1-2 of 4 Results