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  1. Home Automation
    I am on the market for the most reliable way to use Google Home/Assistant to control lighting (and some other things) in my home. I have looked into Philips Hue and while the idea is really great, I worry about the durability of the individual bulbs. My home has quite a few multi bulb fixtures...
  2. Home Automation
    Hello, I wanted to reach out and ask if anyone is actively using the wemo wall switch motion sensing capabilities, integrated into their home automation environment. I am currently working on use-cases for the 8 wemo wall switches that I have installed throughout my home. Thanks Quantumchaos
  3. Home Automation
    Hi There, Although I've been lurking around on the AVS forum for a while and informing my decisions by what I read here, this is my first time posting a question so it might be the wrong place to do so. That said, I figured I'd at least throw it out there and see what I hear back. I recently...
  4. Home Automation
    Just like to share this information I've collected. Image attached
1-4 of 4 Results