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  1. Speakers
    whelp here goes nothing: i have at the moment a jam rewind which i like but in terms it is lacking and dying, plus since listening to the canton dm9 soundbar i been saying meh no more jam rewinds. also they discontinued them and i do not like the fact that the micro usb port keeps wearing out...
  2. Speakers
    We are in the UK and my son has requested a WiFi speaker as a birthday present. Budget £150 - £250 (imagine equates to about $150-$300 US) Main room is relatively small so don't need anything too loud or too big. Essentials: 1. Play from Apple i-Pad and i-Phone 2. Play from Android Motorola...
  3. Speakers
    As a popular music major student who is into R&B, Soul and Hip-hop, I'm definitely with team strong bass. how about you? I've talked to some of my friends about it, they gave me different answers. I guess this really depends on individuals' preference and what kind of music they listen to...
1-3 of 3 Results