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  1. Speakers
    Hi, I'm looking for a cable to repair some speakers (Logitech z623). I posted it on the Logitech forum but they weren't very helpful. Images of the connections are below. I was hoping I would be able to get a cable ready made as my hands aren't the best for soldering etc these days...
  2. Audio Theory, Setup, and Chat
    I am not opposed to hearing other recommendations as I’m sure there will be some, but I would like to go the route of one of these two cables. I’m not asking which is better as that answer probably doesn’t exist, but I am asking how they may perform against each other and or the individual...
  3. Speakers
    We are finishing a basement and are building a home theater room. Unfortunately, our contractor has placed the speaker wires (that will connect to the av receiver) too close to where the projector screen will go. Once the receiver goes in, I think it will block the view of a part of the screen...
  4. Audio Theory, Setup, and Chat
    Hello. First post here. I am a guitarist that references Hifi information regularly to implement in my rig. However most guitarists on forums aren't too interested in these subjects. Hence why I'm here! This subject has definitely been talked about before. However, the posts were always...
  5. Speakers
    I live in a two-story house built on a concrete slab. I want to run speaker cable from one side of my downstairs living room to the otheer. Fortunately I am about to have the carpet replaced with floor boards. 9mm plywood sheets will be glued to the slab and the floorboards will be nailed down...
  6. This and That
    NIb old stock. Making room. Paid a ton for this years ago, now looking to sell at well below. Asking 150 a coil, or 125 if take all 3. Willing to ship, but these are large and heavy. Around 80lbs. I'm in 11705 zip.Make offer
  7. DIY Speakers and Subs
    Hello there, I am working on a speaker as hobby. I can produce it. However, I need information to choose correct materials. 1- Cost is not important. 2-Which type of magnet should I use (neodymium*?) and I see they put the halo magnet then they use a device to convert it a permanent magnet...
  8. Speakers
    HI all, I'm looking for speaker wire on monoprice.com and noticed one with 4 conductors instead of 2. click on the link to see it and click on the 4 button. why would someone use this? what's it used for? https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=2817
  9. Audio Theory, Setup, and Chat
    Hi! I recently purchased four genelec 8030B speakers to use for my home setup where I work in sound design. I thought I'd take a gamble and buy an "xlr to mini jack cable" to plug into my macbook pro rather than having to buy a whole i/o box. Unfortunately it seems this gamble hasn't paid...
  10. Speakers
    I need to wire my rooms for in-ceiling speakers. I want to use some good quality cable so I am looking at Belden. They have the 5000UE: 2/12 AWG, non-plenum, CL3, 19 strand, bare copper 5000UH: 2/12 AWG, non-plenum, CL3, 19 strand, tinned copper 5000UP: 2/12 AWG, non-plenum, CL3, 42 strand...
  11. Speakers
    I just ordered my first (nice) home theater system and plan on setting up a movie theater/UFC party room. I've set up speaker systems before but for the most part I never cared about mounting and routing speakers efficiently... until I got engaged. So I need some advice on what mounts to get...
  12. General Home Theater & Media/Game Rooms
    I have a relatively simple setup, but I had a few questions as this is the first time I'm doing this: 1. I'm trying to figure out if I should run conduit for my hdmi cable. My concern is that this is up against a load bearing wall (exterior wall) and my understanding is that I can only drill...
  13. Speakers
    Hello so im just wondering which one has better sound quality, im using about 10 feet of length for this cable, and the speakers im going to use with either one of these cables is Infinity P363.:)
  14. Speakers
    I bought AudioQuest FLX-16/2 16-Gauge 2-Conductor In-Wall Speaker Cable and it has the typical Red and Black wires but two smaller/thinner black wires. Do I ignore them when connecting to my a Infinity in wall speakers?
  15. Physical Media Items (Movies etc)
    Selling the following HBO boxsets: The Wire: The Complete Series (DVD): $45 shipped Deadwood: The Complete Series (Blu-Ray): $60 shipped Both used but in like new condition with all discs and box
1-15 of 15 Results