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  1. Audio Gear
    One of my toddler Behringer NX3000D amps died, so I'm looking for a Crown Amplifier that is capable of at least 600W RMS bridged at 4 ohms. WTB Amp with 4ohm bridged mode about 600-1000W RMS I will be using this for a pair of 15" subwoofers currently wired in parallel. Each sub is rated for...
    $250 USD
  2. Audio Gear
    Hello. I am looking for a new AVR and would prefer Marantz, Yamaha, or Denon 2016 or newer (or even Anthem but that seems less likely). I am open to other suggestions. This will be for 5.1.2 with additonal Zone 2 (ideally also zone 3). So 9.2 minimum but prefer 11.2 (with or without external to...
    $800 USD
  3. Audio Gear
    I'm looking for a pair of Boston Acoustics VR-MX in the cherry finish. I would buy a set with blown speakers for the enclosures.
  4. Front Projector
    I’m looking to buy either a JVC NX7 or the X790. I’m still trying to decide which one will fit my situation better, it’ll probably come down to the cost difference.
  5. Audio Gear
    Looking to buy a pair of Chane A1.5 bookshelf speakers. If you have some that you'd like to sell let me know.
  6. Audio Gear
    Looking for a Denon x3500h. I'm located in the Bay Area in California. Willing to pay for shipping + insurance depending on the final price. I'm open to other models that support eARC and audyssey xt32, but am specifically looking for the x3500h due to price.
  7. Audio Gear
    I'm looking for a simple S/PDIF capable 5.1 AVR with working remote. I assume DTS/DD would be supported with S/PDIF, but figure I'd mention it. Happy to pick up or ship. I should clarify that I'm really looking for like $50 "cheap". Bonus if it's got ARC, but really S/PDIF is all I need.
  8. Audio Gear
    I am located in Austin, currently own Sierra 1's and looking to upgrade. Thanks in advance!
  9. This and That
    Looking for an input lag tester (http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=212). Can't find any used ones anywhere... if you have one you're looking to sell, message me!
  10. Video Source Items
    Located in Los Angeles, CA.
  11. Audio Gear
    Wondering if anyone has a pair for sale after upgrading or might in the near future. Thanks and Merry Christmas everyone!
  12. Audio Gear
    I live in Raleigh area, NC. Please let me know what you have available. Thanks.
  13. Audio Gear
    WTB Paradigm J-18C Center Channel Speaker Stand 17-3/4-inch tall stand for use with Monitor Center 1, Monitor Center 3, Studio CC-590/CC-690 or Signature C3/C5.
  14. Audio Gear
    Looking for a HSU stf-2. I'm in the Seattle area and willing to drive a bit if required. Shipping is Ok too. Thank you :)
  15. Audio Gear
    I am looking for a pair of Paradigm Studio 20s in Rosenut. I would prefer the original boxes to be with the speakers if they are used. Shipping is to 16046. Thank you.
  16. Plasma Panels
    Hello AVSForum, I'm new here but hoping to find a 60 inch or larger Panasonic or Samsung plasma from 2012 or 2013. I might also consider 55 inches if the price is right, or a Pioneer Kuro elite. Namely, I'm looking for Panasonic UT50/S60/S64, ST50/60, GT50, VT50/60, ZT60, or Samsung e6500...
  17. Audio Gear
    Wanted: (WTB) Emotiva XPR-1 and/or XPR-2 amps I'm near Columbia, SC, but I'd be willing to drive a little if the deal is worth it. I'm only interested in the Emotiva XPR-1's and/or XPR-2's. Thanks!
  18. Audio Gear
    I'm looking to buy a single KEF Q100 bookshelf speaker to use as a center channel turned on its side. Unfortunately you can only buy in sets of 2 so hoping someone else had the same idea and needs to unload the leftover speaker. Shoot me a PM if you have one sitting around. Thx j I can't seem...
  19. Audio Gear
    WTB: Ascend Horizon RAAL or Sierra 2 Center I am looking for a good condition Ascend Horizon center speaker with RAAL or Ascend Sierra 2 center speaker. Ideally, the color would be piano black, but any blackish shade would work. Please let me know if you have one available.
  20. Audio Gear
    Before I pull the trigger on an outlaw LFM-1 plus, I figured I'd see if there was anything better I could pick up used first. Mostly movies or games, rarely listen to music on this system. Room is 16x10x8 1,280 cubic ft Preferably pickup in or near NJ but if its cheap enough I could pay for...
1-20 of 23 Results