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  1. Sony XBR75X940C vs X930D Vs B6

    LCD Flat Panel Displays
    So at the moment I have a very very good deal on a Sony XBR75X940C TV. Wanted your suggestions on a few things. Is the X940C better than the new 930D, since the D is a year newer but technically the lower end version or are they almost identical other than the speakers? Also if you had the...
  2. Official 2016 Sony X930D Owners Thread (no price talk)

    LCD Flat Panel Displays
    **Official** 2016 Sony X930D / X940D Owners Thread Sony Product Information Page HERE Sony Product Manulas HERE Product Reviews Rtings CLICK HERE WHAT HI*FI CLICK HERE FORBES CLICK HERE Pictures: Picture Quality The 930D looked pretty good out of the box but to get a true...
  3. Sony 2016 HDR TV Pricing

    LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Today, Sony announced the pricing and availability of its 2016 line of HDR UHD/4K LCD TVs. In the list below, the number immediately after "XBR" indicates the screen size: XBR-55X850D: $2500 XBR-65X850D: $3500 XBR-75X850D: $5000 XBR-85X850D: $10,000 XBR-55X930D: $3300 XBR-65X930D: $5000...
  4. Sony X930D and X940D TVs at CES 2016

    LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Sony unveiled the next generation of its HDR-capable LED-LCD TVs.