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  1. Remote Control Area
    I have a setup with two viewing areas and all sources and HDMI switching, etc in a centralized closet. The matrix switcher I'm using is a Gefen GTB-MHDMI1.3-442 4x2 matrix. I am using Xantech DL85 receivers wired in parallel back to a Xantech 789-44 connecting block in the central closet with...
  2. Home Automation
    Can anyone offer the simplest way to combine the DL85K Ir Kit with the Vanco HDMI Extender. Vanco extender has a super ir channel but the IR reciever is bulky and doesnt provide feedback like xantech kit. Any advice or instruction would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Remote Control Area
    Hello all, I am designing a basement with a media closet. My media closet is next to my bar and behind closed doors. There is a mirror behind the bar (I have heard this can affect RF transmission). The TV I am going to control with my media closet components is 25' away from the media closet...
1-3 of 3 Results