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  1. HDTV Technical
    I have an Antenna Craft U8000 on a chimney attached mast. I want to fabricate a separate Yagi tuned to Channel 10 centered at 195 MHz. My plan is to run a separate line into a 2-way Delta switch box at the TV set. My question: what considerations are required for separation of these two...
  2. Local HDTV Info and Reception
    Update 8/7/19 by Gary S Over-the-air Digital TV HDTV: Legacy Channel Number, (Digital Channel Number), Network Affiliation, Call Letters Subchannels and Formats Dolby Digital Capability Network, syndicated, local origination, news, local specials in HD 2 (7) FOX WJBK-DT 2.1 720p FOX HD 2.2...
1-2 of 2 Results