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  1. Speakers
    Remodeling my 16 x 25 living room and adding a home theater that I'm sure would be considered entry level. Even so, I want to do it right. I'd say the usage is 70% movies and 30% music. The receiver is an Onkyo 616. The room is oriented so that the screen is centered on the long wall over a new...
  2. Speakers
    4 choices, which one do you guys recommend? Need something slim and not too deep in design (no taller than 6" and no deeper than 6") for $100 or less and those all fit the requirements (Klipsch are $110 but close enough). I know some of these are ported in the rear, like the Veritas, and they...
  3. Speakers
    Does anyone here have this center channel speaker? If so, would you please give me your views of it's sound quality? I'm considering this unit because it fits the price requirements and more importantly the size requirements. Although not the ideal location, I will need to build the center...
1-3 of 3 Results